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The Witch of Pungo
Historical Drama based on a True Story 

A widowed mother of three must survive bitter accusations and potential drowning as a witch to maintain her innocence in the face of frenzied villagers and her own church.


A widow in 1706 Colonial Virginia, Grace Sherwood serves her close-knit community with superior farming skills and as the town's midwife. When blighted crops, dead livestock and disastrous weather threaten, jealous villagers blame Grace, and accuse her of witchcraft. With no hard evidence, the town's case against Grace fails.

But when a local child is stillborn, Grace is charged with practicing witchcraft and murder.  Following another trial, Grace receives the sentence of trial by water. Grace is cast into an inlet, bound hand and foot: If she floats, she is guilty; if she sinks and drowns, she is innocent--but dead. Grace breaks her shackles and rises to the water’s surface.  Confounding the town magistrates, Grace is thrown in jail to “live” out the rest of her days.